Friday, December 19, 2008

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye

Hello all, this is Tristan and I just wanted to add a quick little note.

This has been an great semester. From an ass kicking Batman to a son relating his father's incredible story we've had some fine talks about some fine books. Learning isn't always necessarily fun but I had a great time with this class and I hope you all have as well.

Oh, one last thing before I go. If you are looking for something interesting to read over break and you have some spare cash, go to this fine site where you'll find the 10 volumes of the series Transmetropolitan. In this line of stories we see Spider Jerusalem, a gonzo journalist who rages at the world and all it's injustices. Unfortunately for him this is a ways in the future and with so much media and advanced technologies at discount prices no one cares to listen. It starts with Spider being called back to civilization, having spent the last 5 years on top of a mountain as a hermit, to complete a book contract that he's been nice enough to put off. His money is gone and with the threat of a major lawsuit he decides to move back to the City to be closer to all the things he hates so that he can take his old life back. As the story goes on he begins reporting on the upcoming election and has a few interesting things to say about voting:

"You want to know about voting. I'm here to tell you about voting. Imagine you're locked in a huge underground night-club filled with sinners, whores, freaks and unnameable things that rape pitbulls for fun. And you ain't allowed out until you all vote on what you're going to do tonight. You like to put your feet up and watch "Republican Party Reservation". They like to have sex with normal people using knives, guns, and brand new sexual organs you did not even know existed. So you vote for television, and everyone else, as far as your eye can see, votes to fuck you with switchblades. That's voting. You're welcome." ~Spider Jerusalem

Admidst all the illicit substances and gratuitous swearing hilarity ensues and much entertainment will be experienced by all so please, if you have any taste at all, read these books (There are 10 volumes in all, just go out and find the first, borrow it or buy it or read the first comic of the first volume here).

I'll leave you with this quote from Naomi Armitage "Jesus saves, Allah forgives, but Cthulu thinks you'd make a tasty sandwich."

"I leave and heave a sigh and say goodnight"
*this and the title of the post from the Sound of Music.

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